What kind of introduction could possibly do justice to the most influential grindcore / death metal band of all time? REPULSION is the band that introduced the world to insane blasting drums, bone jarring distorted bass, and the most vile lyrics imaginable. REPULSION formed in 1985 under the name GENOCIDE in Flint,Michigan. Originally influenced by bands such as DISCHARGE, CELTIC FROST / HELLHAMMER and NWOBHM music, the classic line up of Scott Carlson (vocals, bass), Aaron Freeman (guitar), Matt Olivo (guitar) and Dave Grave (drums) recorded the legendary Stench of Burning Death demo in January,1986. Released to a tremendous response, Stench of Burning Death quickly spread throughout the underground, and helped gain GENOCIDE / REPULSION a static following of fans of intense music with horror-inspired lyrics, a sub-genre of underground music that was still in its infancy. It was this foundation that ultimately became the basis of what is reknowned today as “grindcore”.

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  • Repulsion Release Live Footage From Power of the Riff; Announce more U.S. Appearances Repulsion_Relapse-RecordsFootage of grind godfathers REPULSION performing at the Power of the Riff Fest East earlier this month with SUNN 0))) and Winter was recently posted on Metal Injection. The video features performances of two grind classics, “Maggots in your Coffin” and “Horrified”, and can be seen here. REPULSION has also announced several other upcoming U.S performances ...