1999: LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER began spontaneously in 1999 as a one man band, when Felix started making music after leaving his former band EXPIRATION. His reason for creating this new project was to make a music mainly focused into crust punk with a strong ideology centered into Animal Liberation and veganism. That year Felix recorded of what was the first official split 7′ EP with the mythic AGATHOCLES from Belgium,released in 2000 by Selfishfucker and Bad People (USA) thanks to the help of Mr Haroldo Mardones (CATHETER / CAPITALIST CASSUALTIES).

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  • LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER: Announce First Ever UK Tour Old school Spanish grinders Looking For An Answer have just announced a nine day headlining UK tour with The Day Man Lost. The tour, marking the bands first time in the UK, kicks off March 22nd in Manchester and runs through March 30th. Additionally, the band will be performing a run of dates in Spain ...