Boasting a line up that includes members of such influential metal bands as HATEBREED, DOWN, CROWBAR, and more, KINGDOM OF SORROW has arrived to stake its claim as the band that lives up to its super group status. The seeds of KINGDOM OF SORROW were sown over a decade ago when a 16 year old HATEBREED front man (and avid CROWBAR fan) Jamey Jasta introduced himself to DOWN/CROWBAR guitarist Kirk Windstein at a show at Pearl Street in Northampton, Massachusetts. A short time later Jasta, who actively booked shows throughout New England in the early nineties, put up the cash for an NAPALM DEATH/CROWBAR show in order that HATEBREED could play with one of his favorite bands.

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  • Music Featured On CSI: Miami KINGDOM OF SORROW’s “Envision The Divide” appeared in the most recent episode of CSI: Miami. A clip of “Envision The Divide” was played during the opening roller derby scene of the episode “Wheels Up” that can be viewed in its entirety “Envision The Divide” comes from KINGDOM OF SORROW’s latest album Behind The Blackest ...