Brutality, consciousness, doggedness, these are some of many terms suited to describe the music and the story of BLOCKHEADS. Since about twenty years ago, the combo skims France and Europe, hurling continuously ultra violent grindcore to the listeners.

In 1992, they were teenagers who, after many hours of listening of Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower and Godflesh, among others, decided to take instruments … Brutality, extreme style, grindcore is dissected, digested by the band, a music of the most violent kind. Not dogmatic or demagogic, but with a social and healthy consciousness, in front of a crawling individualism and a rotten world which reduces individual to a simple goods. After hardly a few months of rehearsal, a demo tape came out in ‘93 and the band supported Loudblast and Carcass in Nancy in 1994. The year after, their first album LAST TRIBES was released on their own label «Blockheads Tribe». The band played more and more gigs then to support this new record. LAST TRIBES has the fury and the ardor of a first album, a shout in the shape of outlet, a Punk-Grind fury without concession…

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