Originally coexistent with renowned powerviolence act Man Is The Bastard, BASTARD NOISE is the long-running noise/power electronics project of California-based Eric Wood, and has released dozens of recordings on a wide variety of record labels to date, including two prior splits via Relapse.

Now, BASTARD NOISE have teamed up with SICKNESS to produce a teeth-grinding symphony of harsh noise, feedback, and textural chaos with Death’s Door. is a pair of collaborative 15-minute tracks that sees the power electronics legends stretching their abilities beyond the extent of their capacity. “Death’s Door” starts off at full blast and tests listeners’ endurance throughout, while “Ever Downward” slowly builds on drones and static before reaching its mind-melting climax. A savage double dose of abrasion and brutality.

Death’s Door is due out this November 11 on LP/Digital via Relapse Records. Physical and digital pre-orders are available via at this location.