Relapse Records is regularly looking for new candidates for our fall internship programs at our Upper Darby, Portland, and Brooklyn compounds! This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of the music industry and learn about all the work that goes into releasing a record.

Interns at Relapse Records will assist with some or all of the following tasks depending on qualifications. Interns may also be responsible for other tasks not listed here:


-Updating and maintaining press kits for Relapse artists.
-Research and outreach for specialty North American press outlets.
-Database management, data entry, and collecting press quotes + stories
-Uploading tracks and videos to important platforms as well as executing e-mailings for publicity, tour, and retail.
-Posting content to artists’ and label’s social media outlets and web properties including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Bandsintown, Songkick, Spotify, Magento, and more.


-Gather video assets to create exclusive content for promotional use.
-Work with design team to create graphics and animations for promo videos.
-Obtain footage from Relapse artists and review submitted video content. Offer advice/input on how to improve content for marketing and branding.
-Verify that information in video content is pertinent and accurate.
-Upload content plus create and maintain playlists and annotations on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Muzu and various other video sites.

Digital Marketing:

-Monitor and maintain artists’ social networks pre- and post-release as to not lose momentum.
-Help digi-marketing team set up fan engagement campaigns, including Band Q&A’s, CTA campaigns, contests, giveaways, etc.
-Monitor social networks for opportunities as well as threats and violations. Encourage fan engagement and outreach.
-Research ways to attract more followers/fans, increase fan engagement, and the latest trends and developments in social media and digital marketing.
-Maintaining artist tour dates internally and on sites including Bandsintown, Songkick, Facebook, and more.
-Assist in updating YouTube video descriptions, cards, end screens and playlists.
-Verify that information in video content is pertinent and accurate.

Mail-Order/Web Sales:

-Entering products along with their photos and descriptions into our webstore as well as other shops and applications.
-Processing web shop orders and pulling, checking, packing, and shipping product.
-Providing customer service via email and social media.


-Assist in distributing digital promos to College/FM Radio stations through Promo JukeBox.
-Create one sheets to send with physical promos.
-Weekly emails to our Radio Lists updating hosts on our recent/upcoming adds, priority releases and general feedback.
-Monitoring and compiling online chart / spin count information.

Podcast Host Requirement:

The Relapse Podcast is a monthly podcast highlighting upcoming/new albums, bands on tour, etc. Each podcast is accompanied with a special guest interview and takeover, will generally be with a band releasing an album that month. Further details and brainstorming ideas will be provided upon hire. As with the general internship, this is an unpaid position but the same incentives are provided as well as building a great podcast resume. Main requirements are below:
-Must have experience in podcasting or broadcasting. Please provide examples upon inquiry.
-Able to record and edit the podcast/interviews in softwares such as Audacity, Adobe Audition, ProTools, etc.
-Must have interviewing experience and able to develop well thought out questions. Comfortable with the interview process.
-Able to think of creative ideas for the podcast, outside the box features and segments.
-Previous Relapse podcast examples are available HERE and HERE.


-Must be able to work from the Relapse offices in Upper Darby, PA; Portland, OR; or Brooklyn, NY. Remote interns will be considered, but the process for these applications will be more selective.
-Must have excellent communication skills and attention to detail.
-Must have a passion for music! The majority of Relapse’s roster is metal bands but we pride ourselves on having a diverse roster across most musical genres. All open minds are welcome.
-Must be willing to learn, multitask, and work as part of a team.
-Must be reliable and organized enough to manage deadlines,
-Strong understanding of social media and other web & properties is a plus. Misc experience with things like HTML, Photoshop, WordPress, SEO, etc is also great.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship, but interns do receive free music, merch, concert tickets and whatever treats we can wrangle up at any given moment. You can receive credits for your school’s internship/independent study program as well.

All interested and qualified applicants for Brooklyn and Portland compounds may send their cover letter and CV/resume to steve [at] relapse [dot] com. Please include “Relapse Records Internship” in the subject line. Applicants interested in positions at the Upper Darby compound may send the same materials detailed above to eli [at] relapse [dot] com.